NJPW Farewell: Will Ospreay’s Last Match Takes Place in AEW

NJPW Farewell: Will Ospreay's Last Match Takes Place in AEW

Will Ospreay bids adieu to his full-time role with NJPW, he’s gearing up for a new chapter at AEW.

At NJPW New Year’s Dash, Ospreay didn’t hold back, challenging Bullet Club to a multi-man showdown between United Empire and Bullet Club.

Addressing the audience on January 5, Ospreay boldly stated, “Bullet Club, you soft bunch. It seems like you’re eager for a brawl. February 11th marks my final NJPW match. I’ll stand beside the men who shaped Will Ospreay. My five against your five. You dictate the rules. Osaka, here we come.”

The anticipated clash will unfold in a 10-man steel cage match at NJPW The New Beginning.

Witness highlights from the intense clash between United Empire and Bullet Club War Dogs at New Year Dash following this article.

During NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 on January 4, Ospreay entered to the Assassin’s Creed theme, revealing his sponsorship by Ubisoft. Despite a fierce contest featuring Jon Moxley and David Finlay, he fell short in his pursuit of the IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship.

Having disclosed that his final Revolution Pro Wrestling match is set for February 18, 2024, Ospreay added to the excitement by hinting that his initial two months at AEW will be a challenging stint, describing it as a time spent “in hell,” especially with the company venturing into Canada.

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