Chris Sabin’s Quest for Fulfillment and Success in the TNA X Division

Chris Sabin's Quest for Fulfillment and Success in the TNA X Division

Chris Sabin is currently marking a decade as the TNA X Division Champion, setting a new record. In a recent declaration, Sabin expressed complete satisfaction, affirming he feels “1000%” content as the reigning titleholder. Interestingly, Sabin’s tag team partner, Alex Shelley of Motor City Machine Guns, currently holds the TNA World Championship. Despite this, Sabin has the option to trigger “Option C,” a provision allowing him to forfeit the X Division title and challenge Shelley for the coveted World Championship.

During an episode of his podcast, “Battleground,” Sabin shared his admiration for Shelley’s long-deserved ascent to the world championship. “For a long time, I thought Alex Shelley deserved to be a world champion in some major promotion, and I’m happy to see him finally accomplish that,” Sabin remarked. Emphasizing their close friendship, he expressed a genuine desire for Shelley’s continued success, stating, “He’s not just my partner; he’s one of my best friends. There’s no reason for me to go after him. I’m happy being X Division Champion. I want him to enjoy his run-on top.”

Sabin also voiced his aspirations for the X Division to reclaim its former glory, reminiscent of its high-flying, fast-paced origins in the early 2000s. Reflecting on his current tenure, Sabin sees himself contributing significantly to the division’s history. “I think I’m kind of doing that right now, just having the most title reigns of anyone,” he asserted. Eager to leave an indelible mark, Sabin aims to hold the title for an extended period, aspiring to secure the record for the longest single run as X Division Champion. In his words, “If I can have the longest single run as champion as well, hey, man, I might be considered the greatest X Division Champion of all time.”

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