Tyler Breeze’s Proactive Approach Unveiled by Dirty Dango in WWE Chronicles

Tyler Breeze's Proactive Approach Unveiled by Dirty Dango in WWE Chronicles

Years after their stint in WWE and the independent circuit, fans still fondly reminisce about Breezango, the tag team comprised of Tyler Breeze and Dirty Dango, formerly known as Fandango. However, what many may not know is that the duo was initially formed as a humorous venture orchestrated by Vince McMahon, stemming from concerns about job security.

During an interview on “Wrestling with Johners,” Dirty Dango revealed that both he and Breeze initially thought their time in WWE would be short-lived when they began working together. Dango emphasized Breeze’s pivotal role in steering the team, especially during a sluggish start after Dango suffered a knee injury.

Recalling those uncertain times, Dango shared, “I got injured, I hurt my knee, and Breeze and I were like… I remember him calling me or texting me like, ‘Dude, if we’re going to get fired, at least let’s say we did absolutely everything we could.’ We can hang our hats knowing that they can’t say, ‘Well, you didn’t pitch us any ideas.'”

To defy the odds, the duo took matters into their own hands, initiating backstage promos with the dot.com team. The momentum gradually picked up on social media, catching the attention of production meetings. This unexpected turn led to the creation of the Fashion Files, a segment that became a significant part of their WWE journey.

Reflecting on their approach, Dango remarked, “If you’re not on the show, I guess… a good tip is ‘Instead of complaining on social media, [make the most of it].’ Breeze is very proactive in that aspect. It’s easy to get frustrated and just stew backstage, but I think we kind of knew we were on our way out. And we’re like, ‘Well, let’s just have fun.'”

In essence, Breezango’s memorable run and success with the Fashion Files exemplify the power of proactive creativity in the face of uncertainty in the world of professional wrestling.

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