Trick Williams Explains His Growth in WWE NXT

Trick Williams Explains His Growth in WWE NXT

As Paul Simon or Daryl Hall before his time, Trick Williams feels it’s time to end his successful relationship with Carmelo Hayes and head to his own path. In a new interview, he spoke to Denise Salcedo, Williams said that his career is getting back on track.

“This is the vision of myself I’ve had all along,” Williams declared in his belief that he’s now on the path to fame. “I wanted to be ‘The Guy.'”

Williams states that he was extremely lucky to have been invited to WWE along with Carmelo Hayes and he says that Hayes is a talent that only happens once in a generation. He said that he had learned a lot about business and the psychology behind major match from Hayes.

“I got to be in ‘The Life’ even though it was kinda more [Carmelo’s] life, but I didn’t have the pressure,” Williams stated. Since the ex- “NXT” North American Champion has had the chance to experience the limelight for himself He not only comprehends the pressures Hayes was subject to but is also looking forward to success on his own. “It makes you want to have some success on my own.”

According to him, the most important thing he’s ever done was to talk to WWE Hall of Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels about being featured more often on “WWE NXT” programming.

“I’m a soldier,” Williams continued, describing the dedication to a profession which he’s come to admire. “I feel like there’s people who are built for this, people who are born to do this and I am one of those guys,” Williams said in a joking way, noting that his username on the web was “Superstar” long before he was even in WWE.

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