CM Punk’s Upcoming Feud Unveiled

CM Punk's Upcoming Feud Unveiled

CM Punk is laser-focused on clinching victory at the WWE Royal Rumble, but that hasn’t prevented him from gaining a new adversary along the journey.

Kicking off the latest WWE Raw episode on January 8, Drew McIntyre didn’t hold back in expressing his thoughts on his standing within the WWE. Speculating on whether he needed to leave the company for a warm reception upon his return, McIntyre dropped CM Punk’s name, prompting Punk to make an unexpected appearance.

As a heated verbal exchange unfolded, McIntyre revealed that there was a backstage bet among him and the other wrestlers on how long Punk could last in WWE without self-destructing, acknowledging Punk’s one-month milestone.

Teasing his unique perspective as someone who had traveled alongside CM Punk in the past, McIntyre suggested he knew a side of Punk that remained hidden from others, dubbing him ‘a demon.’

In response, Punk denied being a demon but warned that if provoked to unleash that side of him, he would be ‘Satan himself.’

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