Ruthless Post-Match Attack: WWE RAW

Ruthless Post-Match Attack: WWE RAW

On tonight’s WWE Raw, Kofi Kingston found himself on the receiving end of a savage post-match assault, courtesy of Ludwig Kaiser. Seeking payback for last week’s encounter with Giovanni Vinci, where Kingston’s powerful blow led to a match stoppage, Kaiser, his tag partner, unleashed a relentless attack.

Despite the match concluding in a double count-out, the skirmish spilled beyond the ring’s boundaries. Kingston, in a fierce exchange, propelled Kaiser onto the commentary desk. However, it was Kaiser who had the last brutal strike.

Targeting Kingston’s eyes, Kaiser resorted to ruthless measures, throwing an office chair directly at his face. Subsequently, Kaiser set up Kingston for a devastating assault on the stairs.

Feigning compliance with referees and producers attempting to intervene, Kaiser duplicitously circumvented the ring to deliver a forceful drop kick to Kofi’s head, still resting on the steel steps.

In a backstage post-match interview, Jackie Redmond caught up with Kaiser, who emphasized that last week, Kofi Kingston took Vinci’s head, and tonight, he claimed Kofi’s head as well.

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