Cody Rhodes: Analyzing Fan Feedback from WWE’s Elimination Chamber Event

Cody Rhodes: Analyzing Fan Feedback from WWE's Elimination Chamber Event

Cody Rhodes has reacted to amazing reactions from fans in Perth in the lead up to his participation in the Elimination Chamber event.

WWE Elimination Chamber is set to be held next week on the 13th of April in Perth, Australia, which will be the first WWE top-quality live event in Australia for more than five years.

A press conference pre-show took place in Perth today, prior to the event, which included the appearance of Triple H.

In the presser, Triple H performed for the crowd with a rendition of the theme song of Cody, regardless of Rhodes himself being absent at the event. The photo was posted via social media.

Cody has since posted on Twitter to express his opinion on the video and the raucous crowd reaction to the video in Perth.

He wrote:

So…I think that the stadium will be quite loud

Gorgeous things Perth!

Cody will be appearing as a guest on Grayson Waller Effect on the show along with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins amid the possibility of a tag-team match to Roman Reigns and The Rock.

The show is scheduled to air at 5am ET/10am BST.

So…I imagine that the stadium will be extremely loud.

Gorgeous things Perth!

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) February 23rd, 2024.

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