WWE Sensation Bids Farewell After Career-Marred Move Mishap: The Austin Theory Story

WWE Sensation Bids Farewell After Career-Marred Move Mishap: The Austin Theory Story

A WWE wrestler has announced that they have officially halted an action they have taken following an incredibly terrifying mistake.

A tragic incident occurred on the 12th of January in WWE SmackDown, when a match between Carmelo Hayes and Austin Theory was cut short after a fumbled Avalanche Spanish Fly.

Theory tried the move, which resulted in both players taking a tumble, which caused the game to be reduced to.

Luckily, both did not suffer any injuries However, the incident is causing a huge alteration for Theory.

In an interview with West Sport, Theory said that he had since resigned following the terrifying mistake on SmackDown.

He added:

“Well no matter what jokes we make in regards to inside the circle and what we do the risk is very high. No what number of times you’d like to try or follow the steps of a routine but it’s a real thing and there’s a risk involved. Two human bodies performing something that is superhuman.

“In this particular scenario, with Carmelo Hayes I’m trying to do an action I’ve done a lot of times. It just happens that as we go through the motion and the back of his foot strikes his top rope. This means that all the force of our movement and then his foot hitting the top rope, it sends us straight down. Based on this video clip, it appears crazy. In all honesty, after the incident, I really might have been paralyzed and my career may have ended. It’s possible that I’d been injured, or even broken my neck, there’s many reasons, but that moment we fell I let go of my grip to stop myself, and then I turned my head to the left. When we came down in the air, the back of his head struck my face fairly brutally. However, when we lay on the ground, I felt fine I didn’t feel shattered or lost or have that feeling of I don’t know what’s happening. I felt fine.

“But simultaneously it’s an incredibly frightening moment, particularly when you’re on the go and you experience something that isn’t right and isn’t right. The video footage of me lying upside down in front of my head, is amazing. Thank you very much for that. the move has been retired by Austin Theory.”

Theory was involved in an dispute against an Australian journalist prior to Elimination Chamber in an unconfirmed video. been made public as the kayfabe.

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