Confirmed: Kyle O’Reilly AEW Sensation Set for First Match in Nearly Two Years

Confirmed: Kyle O'Reilly AEW Sensation Set for First Match in Nearly Two Years

Tonight’s episode of Dynamite brought a thrilling announcement as AEW star Kyle O’Reilly disclosed his imminent return to the ring after an absence of nearly two years.

Adding to the excitement, O’Reilly was confronted by his former ally during the segment, setting the stage for his upcoming match against the formidable Bryan Keith.

The presence of Roderick Strong alongside O’Reilly, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett seemed to hint at a reunion, possibly referring to their previous encounter at Revolution. Despite O’Reilly’s courteous acknowledgment of Strong’s championship victory, he declined the offer to join the Undisputed Kingdom, emphasizing his desire to return to action independently.

In a show of sportsmanship, Strong expressed his support for O’Reilly’s upcoming match against Keith on AEW Collision, acknowledging O’Reilly’s decision to stand on his own.

Left to contemplate his upcoming challenges, O’Reilly’s expression at the segment’s conclusion hinted at the gravity of his impending return.

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, another exciting matchup was announced for next week’s Dynamite, with Chris Jericho set to face off against HOOK in a singles bout following their successful tag team performance earlier in the night.

Jericho and HOOK secured a victory against the Gates of Agony during the AEW Big Business event, further building anticipation for their upcoming clash.

Additionally, Dynamite viewers witnessed the debut of Mercedes Mone, marking a significant moment in her AEW journey.

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