Dolph Ziggler (Nic Nemeth) Speaks Out About WWE Release: Breaking the Silence

Dolph Ziggler (Nic Nemeth) Speaks Out About WWE Release: Breaking the Silence

Dolph Ziggler (Nic Nemeth) has finally spoken regarding his WWE release, following his return to the ring at Wrestle Kingdom 18.

A former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler was part of the most recent group of WWE talent cuts that took place on September 21st and was perhaps the most shocking name.

Following the expiration date of Ziggler’s non-compete clause Ziggler has since made a return to the sport, presenting as his real name Nic Nemeth with Ryan Nemeth, his twin brother Ryan during NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 18 event on January 4.

The show featured Nemeth faced off against the first-time IWGP Global Champion David Finlay who was involved in a fight with Finlay and allegedly preparing his first match in NJPW.

Following his return to the WWE, Nemeth appeared on Busted Open Radio, Nemeth broke his silence about his WWE release, and also how Nemeth prepared himself in anticipation of his exit.

He explained:

“I was well-prepared. Over the past 6-8, or ten months I’ve thought, ‘At some point, I’ll have to make a change in this. Once you’re ready to go, you’re not going to take part involved in the middle of a PPV match, and then steal the show. There’s no chance to play a six-minute game to take over the show. There’s a match, which lasts 3 minutes and you’re not given an entrance, and everyone knows who’s winning. Do I have a way to make that work?

“Once it started to happen a few years ago, while Roode [Bobby Roode with me were tagging each other, I thought”At some point, I’ll need to be prepared to go. Do my stamina and shape remain the same? I’ve been planning for so long, and getting things ready for the event, but the question was not a question of “What? What should I do? I’m no longer in a position to pay. I had planned for the majority of this contract to say”I’m sure at some point, I’m paid a lot more than I should to be at home all day, so I’ll need to leave this place.’

“I often wanted to have prepared to go for the event that they asked”I have seen you doing 90 seconds of matches, but can you complete 30 minutes of The Undertaker Do you think so? You’re absolutely right, I could. I was prepared in any case, I just wanted to be prepared with all options available. It was not out of the out of the blue. I had written emails to the boss in the past couple of months, saying that I need to relocate to a different place, will you let me move?’

“Eventually with no the exact timing that’s how it all worked out. It was not a big deal because it was that it was six, eight, 10 months later, it was”Here comes the sand. Then I’m spending 90 days of sitting around and it was heartbreaking however, I’ve just received more exercises.”

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