Exploring Jimmy Jacobs’ Creative Role in AEW: How Much Input Does He Have?

Exploring Jimmy Jacobs' Creative Role in AEW: How Much Input Does He Have

Jimmy Jacobs sheds light on his role within AEW, outlining the extent of his involvement with the company’s creative team. In June 2023, it was widely reported that Jacobs had taken on a coaching/producing role in AEW.

Having previously served as the head of the creative process at IMPACT/TNA, expectations were high for Jacobs to assume a similar creative role in AEW. However, during an appearance on the Developmentally Speaking podcast, Jacobs clarified that his role in AEW is primarily administrative.

Jacobs elaborated on his responsibilities, stating, “Mostly what I do is I format the show and organize information and communicate information. It was never supposed to be a creative role. I was burnt out at IMPACT, burnt out writing wrestling television every week, and I really didn’t want to do it anymore. My job at AEW doesn’t involve writing wrestling television; it’s far more administrative.”

Before his tenure with IMPACT/TNA, Jacobs had a stint with WWE, joining the creative team in 2015. However, he was released in 2017, reportedly due to sharing a photo on social media featuring himself with the Bullet Club during their Raw ‘invasion.’ Notably, AEW EVPs Matt & Nick Jackson and former AEW World Champion Hangman Page were also in the photo.

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