AEW Officially Responds to Rumors of Swerve Strickland’s World Title Push

AEW Officially Responds to Rumors of Swerve Strickland's World Title Push

A prominent AEW talent has responded to the ongoing speculation about a potential AEW World Championship opportunity in the near future.

Following an outstanding 2023, Swerve Strickland is naturally considered by many fans as a strong contender to seize AEW’s top prize sometime in the upcoming year.

The primary question revolves around the timing of this championship pursuit.

During a conversation with Freddie Prinze Jr. on the Wrestling with Freddie podcast, Strickland was asked about when he envisions that pivotal moment in his career will materialize.

Strickland expressed his reluctance to set a specific timeframe for capturing any championship, preferring to allow events to unfold organically.

He elaborated:

“At this moment, I don’t want to impose a specific timetable on it. Everything has been moving at an accelerated pace for me since joining AEW. Winning the AEW tag titles within six months of my arrival was unexpected.

“That wasn’t on my agenda, but it happened.

“Since aligning with AEW, I’ve had one of the fastest title victories in the company’s history, second only to FTR. We also became the first African-American tag team to claim the titles.

“Winning titles is not something you meticulously plan. You let the universe unfold.

“November 18 holds great significance, as it marks the Texas Deathmatch at Full Gear, exactly two years since I was released from WWE.

“These are things you can’t script. It’s all about alignment.

“I’m confident that becoming the first African-American World Champion in AEW will align at some point. I can’t rush it; I can’t strategize for it.”

Despite Strickland’s laid-back approach to winning the AEW Championship, recent developments on Dynamite (January 3) suggest that the former WWE star might be among the initial contenders to challenge the new champion, Samoa Joe.

While a potential third match with Hangman Page could precede Swerve’s championship aspirations, another AEW talent appears poised to assert an ambitious challenge to Joe following events on AEW Collision (January 6).

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