Royal Rumble Surprise: Rey Mysterio’s Return as a Top WWE Star

Royal Rumble Surprise: Rey Mysterio's Return as a Top WWE Star

A prominent WWE star has expressed their eagerness to make a comeback in the upcoming Royal Rumble match after being sidelined for several months.

Rey Mysterio faced a setback when he lost his United States Championship to Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel in November. Paul secured the victory by employing brass knuckles, pinning Rey in the process. Following this defeat, Santos Escobar turned on Rey and the LWO, launching a knee-targeted attack that forced Rey out of action due to a genuine injury.

In a recent interview on Baker Banter, Rey shared his dedication to intensive physical therapy, expressing hope for a Royal Rumble return:

“I’m putting in the effort for my physical therapy. Santos Escobar caused me to undergo knee surgery, but his reckoning will come. I’m optimistic about making a comeback for the Royal Rumble, or shortly thereafter. I’m committed to returning as swiftly as possible.”

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