Ex-WWE Performer Set to Make TNA Wrestling Debut

Ex-WWE Performer Set to Make TNA Wrestling Debut

The buzz has been abounding on social media with a variety of bookings for independent wrestling A former WWE star is now slated for TNA Wrestling.

Tonight’s episode of TNA Wrestling the former WWE superstar Mustafa Ali made his debut in the event after making the internet go ablaze through his hilarious vignettes through social media.

In observing that change occurs both slowly over time, and simultaneously at a single point, TNA Wrestling had recently undergone changes that were gradual.

But now, according to Ali that it was the right time for a different type of change. One which is quick and triggered by the introduction of an “x-factor that was a ‘x-factor’. Mustafa Ali then appeared on-screen.

Just saying, “I’m Mustafa Ali and I agree with this message” with his smile and a smile, he was confronted by two unattractive and gruesome security guards.

The Mustafa Ali 2024 tour continues with a number of independent dates already booked, including an coming February 9 DEFY wrestling show on Seattle with Judas Icarus. Then, on March 2, he will be with Alex Shelley in Jamaica, New York.

Mustafa Ali is set to be joined by another highly sought-after releases WWE stars Nic Nemeth (fka Dolph Ziggler) in TNA Wrestling with Nemeth making his debut against another WWE alumni, Zachary Wentz.

Elsewhere on the show tonight TNA Wrestling, another former WWE star was on the show in the form of former Dana Brooke, now going under the moniker ASH by Elegance featured a different vignette that was intriguing.

In keeping with the scent ad style of her earlier appearance, The ASH by Elegance brand continues to be portrayed as a character through pre-recorded clips since she’s yet to appear in ring.

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