Mark Briscoe’s Touching Birthday Tribute to Jay Briscoe

Mark Briscoe's Touching Birthday Tribute to Jay Briscoe

AEW actor Mark Briscoe has shared a touching message to the tag team companion and his real life twin brother Jay Briscoe who tragically passed in 2023.

In taking to Twitter to post a touching message to mark Jay’s birthday. Mark posted his feelings in his trademark lighthearted and cheerful tone.

Mark Briscoe wrote:

“Happy birthday to you, dawg! My long-time partner and best friend, brother as well as my worst foe along with my favorite Jimi Hendrix of this professional insanity! Love you dawg! Let all the candles in one great shot #demboys”

Briscoe continues to be a part of AEW and ROH as well as ROH. He recently appeared as a guest on AEW Dynamite with an emotional tribute to his brother Jay.

Alongside Mark was his two nieces, who escaped the tragic car accident which claimed the life Jay Briscoe.

Despite being told she’d not walk for a long time, the daughter of Jay stepped out to meet Mark for an honor video for Jay Briscoe.

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