John Cena Draws Parallels Between His WWE Persona and DC’s Superman

John Cena Draws Parallels Between His WWE Persona and DC's Superman

John Cena has described boiling his WWE character to an exact definition. Find out which other contemporary superheroes he’s drawing comparisons to.

In a segment on The Impaulsive show, John Cena gave an fascinating description of his character’s change throughout his tenure in WWE.

Cena stated:

“We talked during the drive about how to define yourself in a sentence or perhaps some words. John Cena in the WWE existence is simple for me to define as Superman. I don’t mean that I’m better than everyone else I’m better that a car, more powerful than a bullet.

“I I Superman does his work with pure virtue, Superman has a moral code of conduct, Superman may be in conflict however when he’s in conflict, Superman’s North Star is his moral code and his virtues. Your body language affects your appearance and your voice. “Logan” was saying ‘I don’t know if you’re on script or not on script’. I, since you simply leave to feel your energy.”

In the next paragraph, he goes further to explain how the constant issue of being too good’ affects equally John Cena and his DC superhero counterpart, Cena said:

“Now throughout the years there’s been a shift in Superman. It was the Superman of 2012 when was a man who wanted CM Punk to take the title because everyone was tired of my winning, they were tired of Superman which is the main issue with Superman because he’s just too good.

“Now is an old Superman who’s looking in the mirror and says “I was this, I’m not anymore and what do I look like currently? I’m trying to find out. What can we do to confirm? (that he’s not Homelander). I’m trying to determine this and I’m in need of your assistance. “Hey guys, I’m not sure what time I have left’. I determine their curiosity from this. If they’re thinking “get your f**k out’ I do know the amount of time I have left, and it’s right now.”

As he went on to explain more, Cena described how the change in his character has been re-imagined in his appearance, which he now presents in the same way he has always.

John Cena said of our ability to finally feel his presence:

“It’s enjoyable to experiment with the dynamic of running that show, as did the evolution of Doctor of Thuganomics that was a quick transition into the rap-oriented character and then an uphill climb to the noble Superman character who became the face of WWE but it was a lengthy period of time when that character was successful, and now I was on television and claimed that I hadn’t won a singles title in over 3000 days.

“So in answer to your query, that person who is sitting in front of your face is actually me. The person you meet on the screen in WWE is more like me than ever was before in its entirety. I’m not sure what the future holds and I’m not sure whether I need to move the person or the arc to another place.”

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