Jey Uso Responds to Bloodline’s Ongoing Presence on WWE SmackDown

Jey Uso Responds to Bloodline's Ongoing Presence on WWE SmackDown

After joining in the WWE Raw roster, Jey Uso has made his own path, but Jey Uso has expressed his opinion on his thoughts on what Bloodline has been doing at SmackDown.

Although main event Jey Uso might be appearing present on WWE Raw, his real-life brothers Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa remain actively involved in the main-event scene their own.

As they continue to be prominent in WWE SmackDown, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso continue to serve as Roman Reigns’ henchmen, recently slaying each of the three Reigns’ Royal Rumble opponents.

What do Jey think about all of this? He loves it!

Not in character but rather as a performer satisfied to see his real brothers succeeding, Jey Uso told TNT Sports:

“I absolutely love it, man,”

“I enjoy it. I ended Monday night’s “Raw” a few times and then the following week that my brothers finish ‘SmackDown’ in the] main event and I instantly texted them and called the two…

“Just taking note of the present moment and what we’re doing. We’re here. We’re here. Bloodline still running both shows. We’re still running it, Uce.

“Regardless of what’s going on I’m happy. Let’s go for a walk and look at what we’re doing in this room, man. Never would I have guessed that we’d be a team, tackling two shows.”

Although none of the three has been officially announced as contestants in the Royal Rumble this coming Saturday on January 27 but that does not mean that they aren’t scheduled to appear.

The infamous Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble matches aren’t the only major events scheduled for the show. The event will also include the main event of The WWE Undisputed Championship.

Roman Reigns’ history making title reigns are in danger and winning the crown when he takes on AJ Styles, LA Knight and Randy Orton in a Fatal Four Way match.

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