Raw’s Drew McIntyre Cheats in WWE Main Event Match

Raw's Drew McIntyre Cheats in WWE Main Event Match

In a highly anticipated showdown on tonight’s WWE Raw, Sami Zayn made his triumphant return to singles action on television, marking his first match in almost two months. Going head-to-head with the formidable Drew McIntyre, the bout served as a fiery continuation of their rivalry that unfolded in December 2023.

The stage was set when Zayn, who had returned to the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble, emerged earlier in the night to rescue the legitimately injured CM Punk from an impending assault by Drew McIntyre. This unexpected turn of events paved the way for the main event clash between Zayn and McIntyre on January 29.

The match unfolded with intense back-and-forth action, culminating in a thrilling final sequence. Despite McIntyre delivering a massive White Noise on Zayn, the resilient Sami managed to kick out, leaving McIntyre visibly surprised. In a defining moment, McIntyre embraced his heel persona, berating Zayn and asserting that they were not in the same league.

As the climax approached, Zayn attempted his signature Helluva Kick, only for McIntyre to counter with what seemed like an inadvertent low blow. The match, however, continued without interruption. In the end, McIntyre sealed the deal with a devastating Claymore, securing the pinfall victory over Sami Zayn.

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