Former WWE Star Matt Cardona Aims to Face Off Against a Former WCW Champion

Former WWE Star Matt Cardona Aims to Face Off Against a Former WCW Champion

Matt Cardona’s Quest for a Showdown with David Arquette: The Unfinished Business

In the wake of his departure from WWE in 2020, Matt Cardona seamlessly transitioned to the independent circuit, carving out a niche for himself as one of the most recognizable names in wrestling outside the realms of WWE, AEW, or New Japan Pro-Wrestling. With championship reigns under his belt in GCW, NWA, and Impact Wrestling, Cardona’s journey has been nothing short of impressive.

Yet, despite his success, there’s one elusive target that continues to evade him, as revealed in a candid interview with “Dashawn’s 2 Cents.” The name? David Arquette, former WCW Champion and a figure notorious for his unconventional foray into professional wrestling.

In the interview, Cardona playfully claimed, “David Arquette, he’s been ducking me for years.” Arquette, who made headlines by winning the WCW World Title in 2000, has since dabbled in various wrestling promotions, including a memorable match against Nick Gage in GCW. However, a face-off with Cardona remains a pending chapter in their wrestling story.

Expressing his eagerness for a showdown, Cardona suggested, “I would love to wrestle David Arquette. Or maybe he could be the next ‘Broski,’ you know, Steph De Lander, Jimmy Lloyd, David Arquette. Could you imagine the heat?”

Cardona’s enthusiasm extends beyond the ring, as he revealed his attempt to immortalize the wrestling icon in plastic form—a David Arquette action figure. Despite Cardona enlisting the help of AEW interviewer RJ City, Arquette has yet to greenlight the proposal. Cardona humorously exclaimed, “David, what the f*** dude? It’s not like you have any other figures; it’s not like Mattel or Jazwares is knocking on your f******* door. Let’s get some figures made, pal.”

As fans eagerly await the resolution of this wrestling saga, Cardona’s pursuit of a face-off with Arquette adds an intriguing layer to his post-WWE journey. Will the elusive showdown ever happen, or will Arquette remain the one that got away for Cardona? Only time will tell in this unfolding chapter of independent wrestling drama.

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