Frankie Kazarian Delves into the Factors Behind His Departure from AEW

Frankie Kazarian Delves into the Factors Behind His Departure from AEW

Frankie Kazarian’s Journey: AEW to IMPACT and Finding Meaning in Wrestling

Introduction: In the world of professional wrestling, transitions from one promotion to another are not uncommon. Frankie Kazarian, an original member of AEW, recently made headlines by opting to return to IMPACT Wrestling. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind his decision, his connection with AEW’s Tony Khan, and his resurgence in IMPACT as he reclaims his spot in the spotlight.

The AEW Chapter

Frankie Kazarian’s journey with AEW was marked by various accomplishments, including capturing tag team gold with SCU teammate Scorpio Sky and participating in high-profile matches. However, towards the end of 2022, Kazarian decided to part ways with AEW and make a return to IMPACT Wrestling, a promotion where he had previously made a name for himself.

On a recent episode of “Talk Is Jericho,” the 46-year-old wrestler opened up about the reasons behind his departure. Despite acknowledging the great moments in AEW, Kazarian expressed a desire for matches with more significant meaning. He emphasized that, as a realistic veteran with more years behind him than ahead, he wanted to maximize his time and showcase the best version of himself. Feeling that he wasn’t given the opportunity to do so, he sought and received a release from his AEW contract, paving the way for his return to IMPACT.

Connection with Tony Khan

As one of the early members of AEW, Kazarian had the chance to build a strong relationship with AEW CEO Tony Khan and chief legal officer Megha Parekh. However, as AEW’s success grew and more prominent names joined the roster, Kazarian found himself spending less time with Khan. He admitted that their contact became minimal, and the once-accessible Khan became harder to reach.

While discussing his departure with Chris Jericho, Kazarian shared insights into his connection with Tony Khan. He revealed that, early on, Khan would seek his ideas, but as responsibilities increased, communication dwindled. Despite the challenges, Kazarian spoke positively about Khan, acknowledging that Khan understood his desire to leave AEW and wished to do right by him.

IMPACT Wrestling Resurgence

Since returning to IMPACT Wrestling, which is set to rebrand as TNA in 2024, Frankie Kazarian has found himself in a prominent position. Embracing his role as an upper mid-career, Kazarian has already captured the X-Division Championship and challenged for the promotion’s world title against Josh Alexander in the past year.

Frankie Kazarian’s journey from AEW to IMPACT Wrestling reflects a wrestler’s quest for meaning and opportunity in their career. As he continues to make waves in IMPACT, fans are eager to witness the next chapter of Kazarian’s storied career, one that promises meaningful matches and a chance to showcase the best of what he has to offer in the world of professional wrestling.

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