Bully Ray Urges A Fresh Perspective on AEW: See Through a Unique Lens

Bully Ray Urges A Fresh Perspective on AEW: See Through a Unique Lens

As an individual actively immersed in the diverse realms of professional wrestling promotions such as ECW, WWE, and TNA, Bully Ray possesses a comprehensive perspective shaped by his extensive experience. Over the years, he has observed and engaged with various wrestling styles, recognizing that artistic preferences in this dynamic field are inherently subjective.

In a recent episode of “Busted Open Radio,” the WWE Hall of Famer shared insights into his nuanced approach when evaluating All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and its role in the broader tapestry of pro wrestling as an art form.

“While watching AEW, I intentionally adopt a distinct perspective, steering clear of direct comparisons with WWE’s methodology to avoid undue criticism,” Bully explained. “It’s essential to remember that AEW represents a completely different entity—an alternative in the wrestling landscape.”

Despite acknowledging the need for constructive critique within AEW’s framework as a functioning promotion, Bully emphasized the existence of a subjective element in assessing the presentation of wrestling. He underscored that, akin to appreciating diverse forms of visual art, opinions on wrestling can vary significantly.

“Pro wrestling is art, okay?” Bully asserted. “Much like looking at a Picasso, individuals might perceive different nuances. While someone might value a Picasso at a million dollars, personal taste ultimately influences one’s appreciation. Even if given a Picasso for free, it might not align with my preferences.”

Returning to the discussion on AEW, Bully acknowledged that the promotion’s storytelling style doesn’t always resonate with his established understanding of wrestling. Drawing from his formative years watching wrestling and his experiences in the industry, he highlighted a contrast with the traditional dichotomy, yet expressed a commitment to maintaining an open-minded approach towards AEW’s creative choices.

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