Former WWE Talent Discusses Transition to TNA Wrestling: Insights from Matt Riddle

Former WWE Talent Discusses Transition to TNA Wrestling: Insights from Matt Riddle

Following his departure from WWE in September 2023, former United States and Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle has been making waves in the wrestling world. Recently, he disclosed discussions with TNA Wrestling regarding his future endeavors.

Amid the exodus of talents from WWE last year, Riddle’s exit was one of the most significant. Despite the controversies surrounding his departure, the former UFC star has embraced his free agency, showcasing his skills in promotions like NJPW and MLW.

With his impressive resume, many speculated that Riddle could find a new home in TNA. The promotion has already welcomed other WWE alumni released during the same period, including Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke.

Although Riddle hasn’t appeared on TNA television yet, he confirmed discussions with the company during a recent appearance on Sunday Night’s Main Event. Explaining his plans for the future, Riddle mentioned:

“After leaving WWE, I felt the need to step back from the constant stress of television work, especially the rigorous travel schedule. While the money and experience were great, I craved a break from the chaos of live TV events like Monday Night Raw, where anything can happen at any moment.”

“I’ve been in talks with various promotions, including TNA, New Japan, and MLW. I’m leaning towards opportunities that are more pay-per-view focused, where I can showcase my skills without the added pressure of live TV constraints.”

Riddle is gearing up for an exciting match against NJPW legend Hiroshi Tanahashi at NJPW New Beginning on February 23, marking one of his most high-profile post-WWE appearances to date.

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