Joey Janela Ex-AEW Star Challenges Ricky Berwick

Joey Janela Ex-AEW Star Challenges Ricky Berwick

Former AEW wrestler Joey Janela finds himself entangled in another social media feud, this time with Ricky Berwick, a popular internet personality.

The conflict arose when Berwick, boasting a staggering 14 million TikTok followers, declared himself a “bad boy” on Twitter, a title synonymous with Janela’s wrestling persona.

Responding to Berwick’s claim, Janela expressed confusion and directly questioned whether Berwick was challenging him.

In his counter-response, Berwick admitted to being unaware of Janela’s identity but didn’t hold back, labeling Janela a “weak-ass p***y.” As of now, there’s no information regarding a potential showdown between Joey Janela and Ricky Berwick.

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