Kazuchika Okada Pledges WWE Support for Shinsuke Nakamura

Kazuchika Okada Pledges WWE Support for Shinsuke Nakamura

WWE sensation Shinsuke Nakamura has expressed his support for Kazuchika Okada’s bold decision to depart from NJPW, emphasizing that he stands firmly behind Okada during this pivotal transition.

Okada is set to bid farewell to NJPW with his last match scheduled for February 24, marking the end of an era with the promotion.

Speculation has been rife regarding Okada’s next move, with strong indications pointing towards a potential stint in a US-based wrestling organization. Both AEW and WWE have reportedly shown keen interest in acquiring the services of the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.

Shinsuke Nakamura, who successfully made the leap to the US when he signed with WWE in 2016, commended Okada for his courageous decision to explore new horizons beyond NJPW.

In an interview with Tokyo Sports, Nakamura lauded Okada’s bravery in pursuing his aspirations outside of his comfort zone. He emphasized the importance of individuals defining their own paths in life, echoing sentiments reminiscent of legendary wrestler Antonio Inoki.

Nakamura stated, “Making such life-altering decisions requires immense courage. Once taken, there’s no turning back. I stand by Okada in this journey, offering my unwavering support and assistance wherever needed.”

Reflecting on his own experiences transitioning to the US, Nakamura expressed a desire to shield Okada from unnecessary hardships, underscoring the importance of a smoother transition process.

Okada’s final appearance under the NJPW banner is slated for the New Beginning in Sapporo event on February 24, where he will team up with Hiroshi Tanahashi, Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI, and Tomohiro Ishii to take on formidable opponents including former WWE star Matt Riddle.

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