Latest Revelations About Richard Holliday’s Reappearance in MLW

Richard Holliday made a surprise return to Major League Wrestling last Thursday 7 December during the One-Shot promotion. Richard Holliday, the former MLW Tag Team champion threw a punch at MLW World Champion Alex Kane, right after Kane was able to defend the title in a match against Matt Cardona. He stated that he was going to challenge Kane to defend his crown during the Kings of Colosseum event in January.

Latest Revelations About Richard Holliday's Reappearance in MLW

Holliday was let go of the WWE in April so that he could pursue his options for free agency. His research led to an WWE audition in September together with 11 other independent stars like Fit Finlay’s child, Brogan Finlay, and Madi Wrenkowski. What’s the situation now? Where do he stand now with MLW after his return this week? Fightful Select has confirmed that the agreement he has with MLW has been “a per appearance deal.” When he resigned from Fightful Select in April, it was said to be on a friendly basis.

Apart from attempting to join WWE and WWE, he also wrestled at various Game Changer Wrestling events -his most recent event was held on the 3rd of December in which he and the ex- MLW World Champion Alex Hammerstone fell to Parrow as well as Charles Mason. In addition, since the month of July Holliday was his ISPW (Independent Superstars of Professional Wrestling) Heavyweight Champion. In September last year the 31-year-old had to suspend his professional wrestling following his diagnosis with Stage IV Hodgkin’s cancer. He announced in May of this year that the cancer was in remission. One month later the 6th of June, he was back to action in the ring at an event called Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling event.

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