Tony Schiavone Unveils Vince McMahon’s Side-Splitting Survivor Series Zinger: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Tony Schiavone Unveils Vince McMahon's Side-Splitting Survivor Series Zinger: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Vince McMahon’s charismatic personality on screen is well-known to wrestlers from all over the world However, over the years, his offstage humor has been noted by people who worked with Vince McMahon. On his “What Happened When?” Podcast, Tony Schiavone recalled McMahon’s hilarious reaction to a plan to create a strategy to Survivor Series 1989. According to Schiavone WWE was planning to let Jake “The Snake” Roberts take part in the show with a “gigantic” snake that five men would have carried into the arena. But when handlers opened the cage, the snake refused to go in.

“They opened up the crate — we’re all standing in the back — they opened up the crate and that f–king snake was in no mood to be taken out of his f–king crate. They picked him up and he flipped around, his mouth went open, he wanted to bite people, [and] he p–ssed all over everything. And it stunk,” Schiavone told the media.

After the incident, McMahon stepped in and addressed the incident. “Vince McMahon said: ‘Put that snake back in the crate, he doesn’t want to work today!’ And they put him back in the crate, and there it was. Great line from Vince,” Schiavone remembered. The modern-day wrestling fan might be a bit different about McMahon However, in an environment like this it appears that McMahon wasn’t a businessman at all times. WWE’s highly acclaimed Chief Content Chief Content Officer Triple H praised McMahon recently as he remembered the crucial advice his father-in law gave his son that shaped the way the WWE chief makes decisions about his creative work.

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