Lia Maivia Confirmed for 2024 WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Lia Maivia Confirmed for 2024 WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Honoring Wrestling Royalty: Lia Maivia’s Induction into WWE Hall of Fame

A momentous occasion is on the horizon as Lia Maivia, grandmother to wrestling sensation The Rock, receives her rightful place in the esteemed 2024 WWE Hall of Fame. The announcement, delivered by The Rock himself on Instagram, has ignited a fervor of anticipation for wrestling fans worldwide.

In a poignant tribute, The Rock expressed his deep privilege in inducting his grandmother into the hallowed Hall of Fame. Lia Maivia, a pioneering figure as one of the earliest female wrestling promoters, etched her legacy as a true trailblazer in the sport.

“She wasn’t just a promoter; she was our family’s guardian, a pioneer, and the embodiment of strength. Lia Maivia was the ultimate Final Boss,” shared The Rock in his Instagram revelation.

The inclusion of Lia Maivia adds a luminous sparkle to the star-studded class of 2024, joining the ranks of icons like Paul Heyman, Bull Nakano, Muhammad Ali, the US Express (Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham), and Thunderbolt Patterson.

Circle April 5 on your calendars, as the ceremony will be broadcast live right after SmackDown. As excitement mounts, it’s confirmed that Bray Wyatt will not feature among this year’s inductees.

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