WWE Raw’s Migration to Netflix: Nick Khan Shares Thoughts

WWE Raw's Migration to Netflix: Nick Khan Shares Thoughts

Nick Khan’s comments on the partnership between WWE and Netflix, as Raw prepares to transition to streaming in 2025, were highlighted in a recent article.

According to a report from Advanced Television, Netflix aims to broaden its entertainment offerings by incorporating live events, including WWE shows.

The report features insights from both WWE and TKO executives, with TKO President and COO Mark Shapiro expressing support for the collaboration, citing its mutual benefits.

With WWE poised to expand its audience, Netflix will provide subscribers with access to live weekly sporting events.

The article underscores Netflix’s substantial subscriber base, which stood at 260 million at the start of 2024. Additionally, Nick Khan is mentioned in the piece, expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership between WWE and Netflix.

Khan emphasized Netflix’s dominance in the entertainment industry, deeming it an ideal platform for Raw events.

As WWE Raw prepares to debut on Netflix in January 2025, following the conclusion of its longstanding partnership with the USA Network in October 2024.

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