Logan Paul and Kevin Owens Vie for WWE United States Championship

Logan Paul and Kevin Owens Vie for WWE United States Championship

The outcome of the tournament to determine the challenger for WWE United States Champion Logan Paul at Royal Rumble 2024 has been unveiled.

In the inaugural match on tonight’s SmackDown, Santos Escobar clashed with Kevin Owens in the tournament final, aiming to secure the opportunity to challenge Logan Paul for the title at Royal Rumble.

At the match’s outset, the LWO (Cruz del Toro and Joaquin Wilde) stormed in to neutralize Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza, leaving Escobar to fend for himself.

Following a fiercely contested battle, Kevin Owens emerged victorious, officially solidifying the Royal Rumble bout.

However, when Logan Paul attempted to taunt Owens on the microphone, he was met with a powerful punch from Owens, who, despite a broken hand, laid out Logan Paul, concluding the segment.

After the break, Logan Paul was seen backstage with Cathy Kelly attempting an interview. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller swiftly intervened, insisting that Logan Paul needed medical attention and should steer clear of her.

Meanwhile, Cameron Grimes, also in the same hallway, interrupted the trio, finding amusement in the misfortunes of the social media star, much to the displeasure of Grayson Waller.

In the upcoming WWE SmackDown episode on January 12, Grimes will square off against Waller in a match, and the LWO will take on Carrillo and Garza.

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