Mustafa Ali’s Emphatic Promo Upon WWE Release and Potential Return

Mustafa Ali's Emphatic Promo Upon WWE Release and Potential Return

Mustafa Ali, the former WWE star, delivered a heartfelt promo upon his return to action at an independent event on Saturday night (January 6).

Ali was among the WWE talents released during the September 2023 round of cuts. After completing his 90-day non-compete clause, Ali made a triumphant return to the ring at the APC 20th Anniversary event in Nanterre, France, as part of his world tour.

Following his victory over Aigle Blanc, Ali addressed the audience, expressing that he had carefully considered what he wanted to say in his comeback speech. During the emotional promo, he revealed his desire to bring about positive change in the wrestling industry:

“For more than the past 90 days, I’ve thought about what’s the first thing I want to say? And it’s as simple as this, and if I tear up, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

“Every upper management I’ve worked for in this industry told me to my face that no one will ever cheer for someone named Mustafa Ali. (Fans boo, one says “fk them!”) No, even better than fk them, show them!

“And if those people are watching, right now I’m in a sold-out house in APC. And every single person in this building is chanting Mustafa Ali! I’m going to leave the ring with one more point. This is what I want in the industry. I want change in the industry. I want guys that are a certain level to reach down and pull people up.

“The young man I just shared the ring with, let me tell you something. I have shared the ring with Rey Mysterio! I have been in the ring with AJ Styles! Name them, I’ve been in the ring with them, and you, my good man, are just as good as them.

“It was an absolute honor to perform here. I landed this morning, and I have not slept, and I don’t give a s**t because this gives me life! Thank you all, good night, I love you.”

Recent revelations exposed scrapped plans for Mustafa Ali to win a WWE title ahead of his release.

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