NXT Welcomes a Fresh Female Face as WWE Faction Gains New Member

NXT Welcomes a Fresh Female Face as WWE Faction Gains New Member

A Surprise Twist in NXT: Female Star Joins SCRYPTS in a New Alliance

In a shocking turn of events on the latest episode of NXT Level Up, the WWE faction SCRYPTS introduced a new member during a singles match against Brooks Jensen. The surprise addition came in the form of a talented female star joining their ranks.

Accompanying SCRYPTS to the ring for his match against Brooks Jensen were OTM members Lucien Price and Bronco Nima, now featuring the newly added female member.

Previously, OTM had identified the need to enhance their crew, and on a past episode of NXT, Jaida Parker was approached by OTM in the Performance Center parking lot. Recognizing her potential, OTM made a strategic move by officially welcoming Jaida Parker as a member of their faction.

In the midst of the match, Jaida Parker proved to be a game-changer as she played a crucial role in SCRYPTS’ victory. With Brooks Jensen now flying solo after disbanding from his former allies Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs, he found himself at a disadvantage without anyone at ringside to counter the threats posed by OTM.

The trio of OTM members at ringside, including the distraction tactics of Price and Nima, proved to be overwhelming for Jensen, leading to his defeat as Parker interfered in the match.

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