Rhea Ripley Makes an Appearance at Dominik Mysterio’s Wedding

Rhea Ripley Makes an Appearance at Dominik Mysterio's Wedding

Dominik Gutierrez, famously known as WWE’s Dominik Mysterio, celebrated a significant milestone in his personal life on March 7, 2024, as he exchanged vows with his partner of over a decade.

The joyous occasion was captured and shared on social media, courtesy of footage from his cousin Evelyn Gutierrez’s Instagram Stories. Among the highlights was their heartwarming first dance as a married couple.

Adding to the star-studded affair were notable WWE personalities, including groomsmen Damian Priest and Austin Theory, and surprise guest Rhea Ripley from Judgment Day.

Ripley, adorned in a stunning red dress, was spotted alongside WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio and Angie Gutierrez, as showcased in a tweet circulating online.

Dominik and Marie Juliette’s love story began back in 2011 during their high school years, blossoming into a lifelong partnership. The romantic journey culminated in a heartfelt proposal by Dominik in January 2023, publicly announced on Instagram.

Despite the blissful atmosphere, an unexpected twist occurred during Dominik’s wedding speech, where he faced unexpected booing from attendees, as documented in a social media post by Evelyn.

Accompanied by the caption “Weddings don’t forgive,” the clip hinted at underlying tensions amidst the celebrations.

Beyond the wedding drama, both Mysterio and Ripley have a history of stirring up trouble in the WWE ring, with incidents like Dominik’s faux arrest over Christmas 2022, revealing the transformative power of unexpected circumstances.

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