Emergency Treatment Required: AEW’s Kenny Omega Faces Health Crisis

Emergency Treatment Required: AEW's Kenny Omega Faces Health Crisis

Kenny Omega’s Health Update: Uncertainty Amid AEW Hiatus

In a recent development regarding Kenny Omega’s health, the wrestling sensation has shed light on his current state amidst his indefinite hiatus from All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Omega, who shared a picture of himself in a hospital bed on December 15, 2023, announcing his absence from action indefinitely, has been battling diverticulitis.

During a Twitch livestream alongside Alex Jebailey, Omega disclosed that he underwent another emergency procedure subsequent to his initial hospitalization. Describing his journey as ‘touch and go’, Omega expressed the unpredictability of his recovery, stating, “It’s been really touch and go. And I was feeling great for I would say, like a week or two. So for two weeks I was doing great. Then I ran into a little bit of a roadblock and I had to get some emergency treatment again.”

Adding to the uncertainty, Omega confessed that he remains unsure whether surgery will be necessary for his recovery, leaving his return to the ring timeline ambiguous. He elaborated, “Because I understand how I feel physically, and I’ve been through the ringer in terms of injuries and getting banged up and all that, I kind of now know when I feel like I can come back.”

Reflecting on his responsibility towards his fans and the wrestling community, Omega emphasized his desire to return to the ring at his peak performance. Despite the challenges posed by his illness, he expressed his commitment to maintaining the high standards he has set for himself, stating, “I’ve got a responsibility to mix it up with these guys that call themselves the best, because I used to be that guy.”

As the wrestling world eagerly awaits Omega’s comeback, his dedication to overcoming his health obstacles while striving for excellence serves as a testament to his unwavering passion for the sport.

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