Ridge Holland from WWE Written Off TV in NXT

Ridge Holland from WWE Written Off TV in NXT

In tonight’s Episode of WWE NXT It was clear that, following a savage three-on-one assault an WWE superstar could be sacked from TV.

When Ridge Holland was shown backstage trying to get Ava to allow him a handicap match of three on one against the entire team of Gallus The new NXT GM refused to compromise.

In telling Ridge that she had to keep him safe from herself She was refusing Ridge’s request.

But when Lexis King was also there (to give a “gift basket for Ava filled with pictures of him and his newest merchandise shirt) The singer was able to get a game with Ridge Holland for tonight.

In the final, Lexis King picked up the win in the final against Ridge Holland after distractions from Gallus But the problems of the ex- Brawling Brute wasn’t over.

Gallus launched a savage assault at Ridge Holland, specifically using an armchair to strike his thigh in a manner that suggested his TV schedule will be cut for a minimum of a few weeks.

Like before, the main story is that Holland isn’t a popular player inside the locker, and no one came to his aid when he was attacked.

On Tonight’s WWE NXT, Dijak and Joe Gacy had a vignette which sparked an intense brawl that spanned multiple segments in which the pair continued fighting.

They were filmed fighting in an in-depth segment featuring Chase U and Lexis King before their fight broke out into the opening of Meta Four.

Dijak along with Joe Gacy were fighting on the top of a production truck prior to Dijak finally toss Gacy away into a dumpster close to the truck.

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