Speculations Arise: Bianca Belair’s Alleged Heel Turn in WWE

Speculations Arise: Bianca Belair's Alleged Heel Turn in WWE

In the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, there were whispers suggesting that Bianca Belair might be veering towards a heel persona, taking cues from Drew McIntyre’s radical honesty playbook.

During a backstage segment, Bianca Belair approached Naomi, who was engrossed in watching an interview featuring Bayley. Bayley opened up about her past actions, attributing them to seeking attention and the betterment of her stable, Damage CTRL, which has now deserted her.

While Naomi empathized with Bayley, Bianca Belair didn’t hold back, asserting that Bayley was simply reaping what she sowed. She reminded Naomi of Bayley’s past misdeeds and speculated that Naomi might have been a target too if she had been around during Bayley’s reign.

Despite not having a match slated for WrestleMania 40, Bianca Belair remains a prominent figure in the event’s promotional materials.

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