Surprise Attack: AEW Star Ambushes Reigning ROH Champion

Surprise Attack: AEW Star Ambushes Reigning ROH Champion

AEW sensation Nyla Rose made an unexpected entrance onto the scene of Ring of Honor tonight, targeting the formidable ROH Women’s Champion, Athena.

Seated on the ring apron during a pre-taped promo, Athena discussed her ongoing ambitions as the ‘forever ROH champion’ and her commitment to fortifying the IWC. Little did she know, a formidable threat was about to disrupt her address.

Known for her humorous social media presence and relentless in-ring style, Nyla Rose stealthily approached Athena from behind, casually draping her arm around the champion before springing into action. With a bold declaration of ‘Surprise, b***h!’ Nyla not only took down Athena but also unleashed her fury on the training minions in the ring during the promo.

Having recently made waves in ROH with victories over VertVixen and Alejandra Lion, former AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose continues to leave her mark on the promotion.

Meanwhile, Athena maintains her status as a resilient champion, having successfully defended the ROH Women’s Championship against Billie Starkz at ROH Final Battle and triumphing over challengers in proving ground matches on Honor Club.

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