Surprise WWE Comebacks Highlight SmackDown’s New Year’s Revolution

Surprise WWE Comebacks Highlight SmackDown's New Year's Revolution

During tonight’s WWE SmackDown New Years Revolution event, a set of familiar faces made a surprising return, sparking a fresh feud as the wrestling world ushered in the new year.

While Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits were passionately discussing their goals for 2024 in the ring, their promo was abruptly interrupted by an unexpected entrance. As a countdown appeared on the screen, Karrion Kaross and Scarlett, the former now sporting dark hair, made a dramatic entrance, accompanied by the legendary manager Paul Ellering.

As the trio in the ring became engrossed in the spectacle on the entrance ramp, they fell victim to a sneak attack from behind. A returning powerhouse duo, AOP (Authors of Pain), consisting of Akam and Rezar, made a significant comeback after nearly four years away from the company.

Referred to as an ‘Unholy Union’ by Corey Graves, the three newly formed allies stood tall, presenting a formidable force of ‘over 600 pounds of unbridled destruction.’

It’s worth noting that the term ‘Unholy Union’ was initially introduced as a tag team moniker for Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn back in October. However, the duo disappeared from the scene until their recent return in a Holiday Havoc match.

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