The Heartfelt Journey of WWE Sensation: Brutus Creed’s Emotional NXT Call-Up

The Heartfelt Journey of WWE Sensation: Brutus Creed's Emotional NXT Call-Up

A WWE superstar recently opened up about the deeply personal journey that led to their promotion from NXT to the main roster.

After an arduous two-year stint in NXT, Julius and Brutus Creed received their long-awaited call-up to the main roster on October 30th’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Their debut match saw them triumph over Alpha Academy’s Chad Gable and Otis.

In an exclusive interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Brutus shared the behind-the-scenes story of their call-up, revealing that neither he nor his brother were aware of their promotion until after their debut match.

What made the moment even more surreal was the timing—it coincided with Brutus’s wedding day. He recounted receiving the life-changing phone call from Trent Wilfinger, Senior Vice President of Athlete ID & Development, on the very day of his wedding.

Brutus reflected on the emotional rollercoaster of the day, saying, “We didn’t actually know after our first match against Alpha Academy. We had to go back to NXT and wrestle a match. What we found was, I actually got married the same day, and I get a call from Trent, ‘We’re going to need you full-time on Raw.’ I was very emotional. It was a very emotional day, for sure.”

Since their promotion, the Creed Brothers have made a strong impression on the main roster, including challenging for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.

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