The WWE star revives classic persona: Thea Hail

The WWE star revives classic persona: Thea Hail

In a surprising turn of events on tonight’s episode of WWE NXT, Thea Hail shocked fans by announcing her return to her old persona, ditching her current presentation. Fed up with being relegated to the sidelines as a sidekick, Hail made it clear that she was back to reclaim her identity.

Scheduled for a tag team match against Kiana James and Izzi Dame, Hail found herself without a partner after both Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx refused to join her. Undeterred, she sought out Kelani Jordan, only to discover Jordan attacked backstage.

Left to fend for herself, Hail courageously faced her opponents alone until Fallon Henley rushed to her aid. Despite their efforts, victory eluded them as James and Dame emerged triumphant, thanks to Jayne and Nyx’s interference.

Frustrated but undaunted, Hail took to the mic after the match, boldly declaring her independence from Jayne and Nyx’s shadow. Embracing her true self, she proclaimed the return of the ‘old Thea Hail,’ regardless of anyone’s opinion.

As the segment concluded, Hail celebrated her newfound liberation, with Henley standing by her side, signaling a promising new chapter in her career.

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