TKO Recruitment Announcement Unveils Significant New Hire

TKO Recruitment Announcement Unveils Significant New Hire

The TKO Group has officially announced a significant addition to its team, according to an official statement released by the company.

Seth Krauss has been appointed as the new Chief Legal and Administrative Officer for TKO Group, as confirmed by a Term Employment Agreement effective from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2027.

As outlined by TKO, on January 12, 2024, a Term Employment Agreement was formalized between TKO Group Holdings, Inc. (“TKO” or the “Company”) and Seth Krauss, who assumes the role of Chief Legal and Administrative Officer. The Agreement stipulates that Mr. Krauss will report to TKO’s President or Chief Operating Officer, currently Mark Shapiro, or any successor in those positions. Importantly, Mr. Krauss may also continue to fulfill his duties at Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc., Endeavor Operating Company, LLC, and their subsidiaries, subject to potential modifications.

The Agreement includes an annual base salary of $2,000,000 for the term, pro-rated for any partial calendar year. This figure is subject to periodic increases approved by TKO’s Board of Directors or their designated representative, known as the “Governing Body.”

Additionally, Mr. Krauss becomes eligible for a discretionary annual bonus for the fiscal year 2023. Subsequently, throughout the Agreement’s term, he qualifies for an annual bonus with a targeted amount of $2,000,000. The actual bonus will be determined based on TKO’s performance metrics, as assessed in good faith by the Governing Body.

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