WWE Icon Greg Valentine Unveils AEW Figure Behind ‘Hammer’ Nickname

WWE Icon Greg Valentine Unveils AEW Figure Behind 'Hammer' Nickname

Tony Schiavone has solidified his place in the hearts of wrestling enthusiasts not just for his iconic calls during Sting’s entrances but for contributing to the creation of Greg Valentine’s legendary ‘The Hammer’ nickname.

According to WWE Hall Of Famer Greg Valentine, it was during NWA Mid-Atlantic Wrestling that Schiavone, stepping in for Bob Cottle and David Crockett, started commentating on matches. Valentine revealed in a recent interview with “Wrestling Shoot Interviews,” “He would say, ‘Here comes the hammer,’ because I’d throw the guy outside on the floor, and I’d bring him up and bring him back over like my dad.”

The phrase caught on, and Valentine became Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine, a moniker that defined his entire career and continues to do so in his present appearances. Having ownership of his name, Valentine acknowledges the added benefit of marketing and financial opportunities within the industry today. “Vince, of course, wouldn’t bother me selling my own s**t too,” he added.

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