Unveiling the Spectacle: WWE NXT Vengeance Day with Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez

Unveiling the Spectacle: WWE NXT Vengeance Day with Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez

Lyra Valkyria Analyzes Roxanne Perez’s Aggressive Transformation Ahead of Vengeance Day

The current WWE NXT Women’s Champion, Lyra Valkyria, has recently shared her thoughts on the noticeable shift in attitude exhibited by her upcoming opponent, Roxanne Perez. Although Perez is a former NXT Women’s Champion, she lost her title in a six-woman ladder match during last year’s NXT Stand & Deliver.

In recent times, Roxanne Perez has displayed a significantly more aggressive demeanor as she strives to reclaim her former championship. During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Lyra Valkyria emphasized that she is not taking Perez’s newfound aggression lightly.

Valkyria stated, “It’s definitely not something I’ve taken lightly. There’s a very obvious change in Roxanne since she lost the title and had to pull herself back up from that loss. You can very clearly see a difference in her. She’s more aggressive. I don’t know if you saw what she did to Arianna Grace a couple of weeks back, but that was a violent Roxanne that I hadn’t seen before. So that’s definitely on my mind going into Vengeance Day.”

Additionally, Valkyria discussed her own evolution, feeling more like a veteran since holding the NXT Women’s Championship. She acknowledged the intense competition and the looming threat from contenders like Lola Vice, who is eyeing her title with a contract in hand.

“I feel a little grizzled; I’ve got a lot of competition. I’ve got a lot of people who would stab me in the back to step up and take my title. I’ve got Lola Vice looking at me with that contract right now. She’s not one to play with knives. So yeah, I’ve had to step up, become more serious, and take my role more seriously as champion,” Valkyria explained.

WWE NXT Vengeance Day is set to take place live on Peacock this Sunday, February 4, 2024.