Verbal Sparring Precedes Continental Classic Match Between Swerve Strickland and AEW Star

Verbal Sparring Precedes Continental Classic Match Between Swerve Strickland and AEW Star

Swerve Strickland Faces Off Against RUSH in AEW Continental Classic Showdown

AEW Continental Classic Group Stage Closure

The AEW Continental Classic is gearing up for the climax of its group stage, with the final matches in The Gold and The Blue Leagues set to unfold in the upcoming episodes of Dynamite and Collision.

Strickland vs. RUSH: The Final Showdown

With a commendable nine points and a 3-1 record in the competition, Swerve Strickland is poised to take on RUSH in their ultimate encounter on the 20th day of December at the AEW Dynamite event. RUSH, currently standing at six points with a 2-2 record, is determined to make a mark in this decisive match.

Social Media Spat Precedes AEW Clash

On December 17, RUSH took to social media, sharing a video of his previous match against Strickland in MLW. The caption threw down the gauntlet, asserting RUSH’s dominance:

“You’ve grown in your wrestling abilities since we last wrestled, and I beat you easily. We’ll see us again in #AEW. I will remind you that you’re still an infant, and I am your father. I will demonstrate to the world who is the true star. Te voy a desmadrar perro !!”

In response, Swerve Strickland retweeted, expressing his thoughts on his upcoming Continental Classic opponent:

“Do you think you could handle me on this stage in @aew? You haven’t been where I’ve been, and you’ve never accomplished what I’ve done. Wed, I transform my bull into bulls**t.”

Intense Exchange Continues

RUSH quickly fired back, cautioning Strickland about his experiences:

“It’s true I’ve never been where you’ve been or accomplished what you have completed. I’ve been to the most dangerous places, in more violent environments, and I have done more than you’ve ever done without knowing English. I am your brand new terrifying nightmare PERRO. See you at #AEWDYNAMITE.”

Path to Gold League Final

If Swerve Strickland emerges victorious against RUSH, he will progress to the Gold League Final on December 27 during AEW Dynamite. The ultimate outcome of the Gold League Final will be shaped by the clash between Jon Moxley and Jay White on Wednesday, December 20.

The grand finale of the AEW Continental Classic is set to unfold on December 30, 2017, during AEW Worlds End.

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