Wrestler Grayson Waller’s Straightforward Take on WWE Management

Wrestler Grayson Waller's Straightforward Take on WWE Management

Grayson Waller, typically known for his candid remarks, opened up about his relationship with WWE NXT head Shawn Michaels in a recent interview. Throughout 2023, Waller consistently clashed with Michaels, creating tension on the WWE NXT stage.

Speaking on The Collection with Brad Gilmore, Waller surprisingly expressed admiration for Michaels’ success as the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative:

“While Shawn and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, I can still acknowledge his contribution. I recognize the investment he puts into the talent there. When he believes in someone, he goes all in to support and elevate them. Those who utilize his expertise wisely will find their way to the main roster and achieve significant success.”

Delving into Michaels’ business approach, Waller noted:

“He’s straightforward, no-nonsense. There’s no coddling when you’re dealing with Shawn. He tells you exactly what he thinks, and that’s the person you should pay attention to. With his vast experience, if you’re not seeking advice from Shawn and learning from him, your journey might hit a dead end.”

Waller joined WWE in March 2021 and debuted on 205 Live in June of the same year. Transitioning to a regular role on WWE NXT, he became part of the main roster through the 2023 WWE Draft.

Lately, Waller has been teaming up with Austin Theory, continuing their disruptive antics, now involving Kevin Owens. Owens made a surprise appearance at NXT New Year’s Evil, delivering a punch to Waller’s face, resulting in the SmackDown star losing to Trick Williams.

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