WWE Star Sends Well-Wishes for Quick Healing to AEW Foe Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega

WWE Star Sends Well-Wishes for Quick Healing to AEW Foe Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega

Surprising twist, a WWE star has candidly admitted their aversion to an AEW star but, in a gesture of goodwill, extended wishes for a speedy recovery from their recent bout with diverticulitis.

Following the news of Kenny Omega’s hospitalization due to diverticulitis, the wrestling community has rallied together to express support and hopes for The Cleaner’s prompt and safe recovery.

Despite past discord, one individual has chosen to set aside their differences with the AEW star and convey positive sentiments during this challenging time. Xavier Woods, a WWE star known for his good-natured feud with Omega centered around video games, took to Twitter to share a message with his rival. In a surprising turn of events, Woods also seized the opportunity to promote the collaborative top ten video games of 2023 list they had compiled for Giant Bomb.

“While my sentiments towards @KennyOmegamanX may not be the friendliest, I genuinely wish him a swift recovery. And as is our tradition, we recently got together to energetically debate our top 10 games of the year @giantbomb,” conveyed Woods in his tweet.

Before Woods’ post, Omega himself took to Twitter to share his side of the story and promote the game list. He stated, “Hello there. It’s been a short while. I had an encounter with one of my many foes, and things got intense (as they usually do with @AustinCreedWins). It’s a bit wordy, but I hope it still provides some enjoyable reading! (The return of the video game top 10 duel!)”

Both Omega and Woods share a history in the gaming world, dating back to the time when The New Day and The Elite engaged in a showdown in Street Fighter.

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