WWE Comeback Unleashed: Roman Reigns’ In-Ring Address with Randy Orton

WWE Comeback Unleashed: Roman Reigns' In-Ring Address with Randy Orton

The night’s WWE SmackDown kicked off with the return of Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, but the match was soon stopped with Randy Orton.

This is the first time in which the pair will get the chance to come in front of each other following Orton’s return to Survivor Series.

And with Orton declaring to Roman Reigns, he’s on his way to him It doesn’t matter who he must go through to get there.

Randy Orton challenged Roman Reigns to his WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble.

The fight was continued (see in the below video) until the segment came to an end in Randy Orton standing tall, particularly after he threw a fit at his chief of the tribe Roman Reigns.

The match was never declared a match the match was not officially declared official, it was announced that Roman Reigns telling Randy Orton to “get to the front of the line.” Orton went on to declare that he would end Reigns legendary reign.

In other news on SmackDown, Mia Yim is expected to be paired with Zelina Vega to face Damage the CTRL’s Asuka along with Kairi Sane.

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