WWE Debut Match: CM Punk’s Inaugural Opponent RECALLS Unscripted Moments in the Match

The former WWE Star Maven has revealed the reasons he defied management’s wishes during CM Punk’s first-ever WWE match.

The fact that CM Punk is among the most controversial wrestlers of the moment and his WWE debut in Survivor Series 2023 got the world of wrestling on the edge.

Punk entered the WWE development territory at the end of September 2005. The first television match for the company took place just a few weeks earlier in the April 2005 edition of Sunday Night Heat.

WWE Debut Match: CM Punk's Inaugural Opponent RECALLS Unscripted Moments in the Match

Punk was joined by Russell Simpson in his tryout match against Simon Dean (Mike Bucci) and Maven on this episode.

In his latest YouTube video titled “I Was CM Punk’s Initial WWE Opponent In his new YouTube video ‘I Was CM Punk’s First WWE Opponent’ Maven shared backstage stories about the incident and revealed how Dean and Dean were off the script to defend Punk.

Maven disclosed the fact that WWE management would like Punk to win the pin in the match, however, Dean (Nova) who was the veteran wrestler in the fight, opted to pin Simpson instead.

Based on Maven, Punk, and Simpson were not aware of the guidelines from the management team, and they were doing what the wrestler with whom they were working was asking of them.

Thinking that Punk already was in a backstage rage before the tryout match, Maven explained:

“The most important thing that management was looking for, they wanted us to win the pinfall victory, which is a three-point win in the case of CM Punk. For whatever reason, I don’t have a clue. I’m talking about the guy who wasn’t signed at the time, but he was a hot commodity in the business.

There were feathers that he had scattered. I’m not sure how, and I do not know who’s.

“Nova (Simon Dean) thought differently. Nova was determined to give the man the chance to prove himself and Nova took the decision. When we discussed the fight in the back, he said “Once we enter, I’m going to take you down, Punk. Then you roll onto the floor. So, we’ll be able to hit the slam, one three, or two on Simpson.

“I do not understand why Simon decided to shield Punk. It could have been a favor for Stevie (Richards) as Stevie requested to do earlier. Or, he might have witnessed in Punk the things that the entire world would be able to observe many years after.

“Simon has always proved to be a reliable indicator of talent. He could have spotted that Punk was, for some reason, a hot performer on stage and he did everything he could to shield him from harm in the knowledge that in the event of trouble, it would be on us. By us, I’m referring to Simon.”

Maven had previously told us that he first had a meeting with Punk via Stevie Richards, who had personally requested Maven to ensure that Punk got a great performance in this fight.

Then, in explaining how they avoided being in the mud, Maven noted that Dean had to Punk move down to the floor, so the wrestler wouldn’t have to come in to finish the fight Therefore, their choice to restrain Simpson may suggest they had improvised to ensure that they didn’t go over the allotted time.

There’s been a lot of speculation over potential dream matches with Punk after the news of his WWE return.

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