NJPW Icons Set to Take on AEW Stars for Championship Honors at ROH Final Battle

NJPW Icons Set to Take on AEW Stars for Championship Honors at ROH Final Battle

NJPW stars Great-O-Khan and HENARE have been reported to be in contention to take home the championship in ROH. ROH in the 2023 Final Battle.

Ring of Honor is scheduled to hold their final pay-per-view event in 2023 including Final Battle 2023 on Friday 15th December at Garland, Texas.

Before the event, two-thirds of The World Six-Man of ROH Champion Team Kaun as well as Toa Liona of The Gates of Agony took the journey to Japan to take part the Japan’s NJPW World Tag League 2023 tournament.

On the 3rd of December, at the World Tag League show, Great-O Khan from the United Empire along with HENARE were able to defeat Gates of Agony in the A Block of the tournament. After the match, The United Empire stole the duo’s ROH World Six-Man Championships and made fun of the duo.

In the post-match interviews, The Great-O-Khan offered an ultimatum at the Mogul Embassy. Mogul Embassy will defend the world Six-Man World Tag Team Championships in the face of the United Empire. To add to this, HENARE said:

“What is the ROH Six-Man World Tag Team Championship? ROH, AEW You took an event I’ve wanted for years, and changed this into “the Triple Crown defended by guys who have never wrestled outside America but do they boast of their own World Champions? 

“I am sure that you Americans are thinking that you are the center of the world. All your Hollywood movies, and the global community, when it’s America, Canada, England. 

“No, I’m all over every country in the world. It’s me. Mongolian. I’m a Hawaiian as well as an Italian and a Filipino as well as a few Aussies and British. We can pick any one of the above. We can choose anyone we want. Anybody who is looking for the identical thing. 

“I was anticipating you throughout the entire trip and we defeated you. We are kings, and we are warriors. If you’re feeling good about it, let’s pound over and over,”

In the wake of this, Gates of Agony sent an email to their current adversaries within NJPW. Kaun claimed:

“At this point in the conflict and war, it is not likely to ever be able to fall. We fight like our lives depend on it. . 

“We fight for our pride at this moment We’re going to ensure our allies in the United Empire and whoever’s next is going to have to give all that they possess within their bodies, all that’s within their souls, and they’re going to be exhausted should they decide to fight us. 

“I said that we would fight our enemies that is, that is, the United Empire, we will tear them apart and we will take on the wanderers. At the end of the day, we will be a tragic victim of fate. 

“We face one faction after another, but yet we stand on our own two feet. If you didn’t observe what we’ve done or only look at the things they offered you don’t know what’s coming up,”

Toa Liona was able to take his name as a compliment and said “You want, come take,” before sending another email to the Great-O-Khan.

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