WWE Hall of Fame’s Last Battle: Rob Van Dam Faces Former Rival Sabu

WWE Hall of Fame's Last Battle: Rob Van Dam Faces Former Rival Sabu

A Hall of Famer from WWE has talked about the possibility of a final match against the former opponent who has recently spoke about retiring.

ECW Legend Sabu recently discussed the possibility of a retirement match, saying that he was planning to schedule the final match that will be played this Summer.

He stated:

“I’m trying to get ready for my final game. I’d like to have an end-of-season match during July, or even later. A true final match. One more reward.”

On his 1 of a kind podcast WWE Hall of Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam spoke about Sabu’s possible retirement match and said the possibility exists that he will achieve it.

He stated:

“Absolutely it is possible to do so. I’ve seen wrestlers who were in worse condition than Sabu achieve this feat Many wrestlers have been in their career in worse conditions than Sabu is and have lesser mobility.”

Sabu had previously stated that he would like RVD to be his opponent for his retirement game and RVD had discussed possibilities of doing this.

He claimed that he had once believed that the two men could fight against each other in their retirement match, but he isn’t convinced that this could be the case, since the match he’s not seeing as his retirement match.

He stated:

“It seemed like an ideal idea, and appeared to be a possibility not too long ago. but maybe more. I had a feeling that he’d be able to wrestle himself to the ground, and because I’m a bit younger, maybe it will be a good idea to do it in this manner.

“I don’t see it being my retirement match if I am able to be a part of it, but, of course, I would be honored and thrilled if I am his opponent.”

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