The Star Samoa Joe Would ‘Always’ Target for an AEW World Title Shot

The Star Samoa Joe Would 'Always' Target for an AEW World Title Shot

Following Samoa Joe’s triumphant victory over MJF for the AEW World Championship at Worlds End on December 30, 2023, the dynamics of the main event scene have undergone a significant transformation in the month of January.

Despite Joe’s firm stance on not handing out title shots easily, he recently expressed admiration for a fellow wrestling veteran and AEW star. In a recent interview, Samoa Joe opened up about his willingness to offer a title shot to none other than the legendary Sting.

When asked if he would grant Sting an opportunity to challenge for the World Championship, Samoa Joe responded with enthusiasm, saying, “100 percent. Would always give Stinger a shot at the World Championship, you know?” He went on to reflect on Sting’s unparalleled impact on the wrestling industry, describing him as an iconic figure.

Samoa Joe continued to praise Sting, stating, “When you talk about Sting’s career as a whole, I think there are… iconic. It’s a commonly used term… Really, when you dip into your head and you think of the iconic figures in professional wrestling, Sting, I mean, top four? Maybe even higher than that.” He acknowledged Sting’s contributions to fans’ cherished memories and his ability to stay fresh and relevant throughout his illustrious career.

As Sting prepares for his retirement match at the March 3 Revolution 2024 pay-per-view, Samoa Joe’s acknowledgment adds a poignant touch to the veteran’s legacy.

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